Mitrice Richardson, a lovely 24-year-old African American woman, was released late at night from the Malibu, California Sheriff’s jail after having been detained for not paying her bill at an upscale restaurant. She was described as "acting crazy" and, in fact, was having a mental health crisis. Mitrice’s mother offered to pick her up at the jail if they were going to release her that night. She was told they would release her in the morning. Mysteriously, Mitrice was released at 12:30 AM into the dark mountainous region with no cell, no purse, no ID, no car, no way home; then she vanished. Eleven months later her naked skeletal remains were found in a desolate Malibu canyon. Lost Compassion, shot over a five year period from ten days after Mitrice went missing, tells the complex, emotional inside story of the search for Mitrice and struggles with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, whose deputies lied about her arrest and possibly were involved with her disappearance and death.  

Lost Compassion is a rare inside look at what happens when a loved one unexpectedly goes missing. It is an emotional, heartfelt documentary that intimately follows the family's and friends' struggle to find Mitrice, keep her story alive in the media and obtain justice. It is extremely relevant to today’s headlines about who police’s the police, their attitude of young black people’s lives being expendable, and the incompetence of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department.

Lost Compassion is designed to be a force in causing those who know the identities of the people who murdered Mitrice to speak out and help bring the murderers to justice.


 Chip Croft (Executive Producer) 

 Chip Croft left the corporate world in 1983 to start his own venture, SEA-TV, producing  documentaries and instructional video productions. He created award winning productions  on sailing, marine art, marine life and environmental topics. Chip was also an adjunct  professor and full time professor at Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven,  Connecticut, for 20 years, teaching video production, editing, script writing, computer  graphics and decision making.   Upon moving to Los Angeles, in September of 2009, Chip became  involved in the high profile search for 24-year-old Mitrice Richardson, missing after being  released late at night from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's station. Chip produced a documentary from  this fascinating story, now titled Lost Compassion. 

Chip Croft (Executive Producer) and Dr. Ronda Hampton (Producer)​ explore the  story of Mitrice Richardson who went missing after being released from a  Malibu area jail in the middle of the night with no cell phone, no purse, no ID and no form of transportation. This film highlights the vitality of her life and probes the mysterious details surrounding her disappearance and ultimately, her death.

 Dr. Ronda Hampton (Producer)​

 Dr. Ronda Hampton is a privately practicing clinical psychologist in Southern California specializing in the treatment of the chronically mentally ill.  She is also co-founder of the non-profit  organization REACH for Mental Health Awareness, which assists families who are searching for  mentally ill family members who have gone missing.   Dr.  Hampton was the clinical  supervisor  and mentor to Mitrice Richardson and  was actively involved in coordinating the  search efforts.  In collaboration with Chip Croft, Dr.  Hampton produced Lost Compassion: the Mitrice Richardson documentary, while she continues to advocate for justice for Mitrice.